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Tom Brady said the legend is not smooth sailing

[Oct 30 2017 GMT]

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Thomas Edward Brady, we often call Tom Brady, or Brady. Now the New England Patriots quarterback, is also the most frequent fans of the domestic NFL one of the players.
In Brady's documentary "The Brady 6" inside, eight-year-old little Brady was asked: "Tom, what do you think is a good player? "With the baseball cap, little Brady turned to the left and lowered his eyelids and said," I do not know. "Now he knows.

As for the details of the "release valve" will not repeat, but this event caused the shock of the United States, CNN, NBC, FOX and other media tracking reports, the Patriots in the week's press conference actually squeezed into hundreds of media, so that the White House press People are kidding the matter. Patriots and Brady are all under great pressure from all sides, but they know that the best way to respond is to win the Super Bowl.

The 49th Super Bowl, the Patriots face the 48th Super Bowl Champion, Seattle Seahawks, across the United States in addition to the northeastern corner of the New England region, almost all the fans want the sea eagle can defending. The first half of both sides 14:14 draw. After the start of the second half, the Patriots continued to attack frustrated by the sea Eagle touchdowns 24:14.

The fourth quarter left 12 minutes and 10 seconds, Brady led the attack group twice to get touchdowns, and the score go-ahead. Two rounds of attack, Brady did not let the opportunity to slip away, he used his excellent performance, created a history of the Super Bowl to win the classic one to help the Patriots won the team in the history of the fourth Super Bowl champion, and the third win super Bowl MVP.

In the 2016 offseason, Brady went through the NFL investigation, was punished by the NFL, was sued by the NFL to the court, and ultimately by the Federal Second Circuit, the ups and downs of the exemption process, but his focus on the preparation was not affected by the slightest impact.

Subsequently, the Patriots far from the plateau challenge the Mustang, leading the first half of the case of Gron wounded, despite the last time Geskowski kicked tenacious bow tie, but the final patriots or lost the game. Injuries like a nightmare generally wrapped around the Patriots, Gron down when Brady's dignified eyes are unforgettable.