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Tom Brady Wants to Play for Another Ten Years

[Oct 22 2015 GMT]

Tom Brady has already completed 1699 yards passing, fourteen touchdowns and just one interception for this season. He is excellent. But here is the question: he is 38 years old. How long will he go on to play? Seems that the new England Patriots' quarterback doen't think about his retirement at all.

On USA time Wednesday, while  Brady attended the media conference, he told that he wanted to play for a long time, maybe more than ten years.Will it be possible? That of course can't be decided by himself alone. It's Brady's goal and what he has expected. Luckily, the team still needs him and he still likes the sport. He also has no problem communicating with his teammates og coach. So we just hope that he can paly for as long as he wants.

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