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Tips for Play Solo Challenges in MUT Heroes

[Oct 16 2017 GMT]

MUT Heroes is a new addition to Madden 18 this year. Unlike traditional cards, The MUT Heroes cards are all at an overall rating of 91, meaning they'll give any team an immediate upgrade at any position on the field. Of course, such a good card is the favorite of lots of players. In the MUT Heroes program, you have three 3 solo challenge sequences prepared for you. Single game is the first sequence, followed by the Offensive and Defensive sequences. Here are some tips for you to complete tasks in the solo challenges.


First, finding an Offensive Playbook that complements your playstyle is the priority thing and then sticks to it. Since there are a ton of Offensive Playbooks in the game, you need to ask yourself question like what kind of player are you and what type of team composition you have.


Second, Playing according to your team’s strengths/weaknesses, it goes without saying that each line-up in the game has some sort of strengths and weaknesses. You basically need to figure out these strengths and weaknesses for both line-ups and exploit them to your gain.


Third, stopping run when comes to defense. This basically allows you to pressure your opponent and leave the offense in a really bad shape. Make sure that you maintain possession most of the time and prevent any running attempts for some quick wins. You can easily achieve this by spreading the defense line during the early down which should force your opponent to run inside, making your life a whole lot easier.


Fourth, looking for a big, agile defender with poor play recognition and user-control as your defense, this basically allows you to react to opponent’s plays in a much quicker fashion, provided that you know what they are doing. Apart from this, you will make better the player and save yourself some precious coins in the game.


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