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Tips for Madden NFL 18 Offence

[Sep 12 2017 GMT]

Today will share the Madden NFL 18's offence tips for you! If you need madden nfl 18 coins, welcome to

In Madden 18's offence, it is also important to be able to see the defense because it is the right choice. Under Madden 18 offensive techniques, we will give you all the information to control the offensive end of the ball.

Once you call, look at the position of the defender on the floor. If they are close to your recipients, the coverage may be human, but if they quit, then it is more likely to be the area.

Will any defender move before shooting? If the two defenders move at the same time, that is, advance to another location and the other fill their position, then the forward player is ready to lightning.

As a general rule, if you absolutely need it, you can only use the "active blocking" option for your offensive line because it is more likely to use this option for offensive calls.

If you have no confidence in your own phone call, you can press X/Square to hear to another game in the same scene.

To change the routing of a single receiver, press Y/Triangle, press the appropriate button, and then use D-pad, mantle, shoulder, and trigger buttons to change the route.

Do not force the ball! Pick up a sack in Madden 18, give a better choice than throw a and give ownership to your opponent.

When you control a run or receiver with a ball, hold down the right shoulder button to protect the ball if you know you will be processed. This helps prevent your players from groping.