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Tips and tricks to effectively win VC in NBA 2K18

[Nov 08 2017 GMT]

Almost everyone in the NBA 2K community is talking about virtual currencies to some extent. Since the game was released on September 15, it has been a hot topic.

Many gamers are dismissive of the idea of spending money to upgrade MyPlayer, so many fans are eager to find the best way to make money without getting stuck in a wallet. I found three efficient and reliable ways to earn VC without playing real games.

MyLeague can be one of the most profitable models of the game. In fact, playing games can win nearly 1000 VC each game. But this article is about fast and effective money. You know, even if you simulate the game, can you still win 2K18 VC in MyLeague?

Start a MyLeague with any team. Set the quarterly length to 12 minutes. Difficulty setting is irrelevant. Enter the calendar in the mode and use the Simcast Live simulation game. Make sure you increase the simulation speed to 6X.

Whether you participate in the simulation or not, you can still get 400 VC per game. It doesn't matter if your team wins or loses.

Players who work or go to school can start a MyLeague game every morning, afternoon or evening before they can leave. The simulation does not require you to press any button to complete. When you come back, you will win your venture capital. You can repeat the process before you go to bed.

This is a simple way to ensure that you win at least 800 NBA 2K VC per day. If you're worried that your console is working all day, you can just set it up for two hours and then go to sleep mode. Simulations don't take long to complete.

If you're at home, but you can't get it at the time, you can get 400 VC through a series of games. If you use this strategy to complete a MyLeague season, you will win 24,600 NBA 2K VC.