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Three Kinds of Positioning Ball Usage in Fifa

[May 29 2017 GMT]

True and free is the first feeling of the positioning system. Want to come, all by the players to master. Here will be a simple explanation of how to play the ball positioning.

Edge ball: Edge ball good to say that the left and right can go five steps, throwing (long pass + short pass or short pass + long pass) more practical, can be used to confuse your opponent.

Long range free kick and corner kick : There are two ways to play long and free kicks. First, the direct choice of placement, and then control the intensity of passing. Second, ① by L1 switch players ② select the placement and passing speed ③ control the player post moves ④ pass.

Close free kick: ① right rocker to select the station. ②As before the same shot. The direction of the shot is determined by your station and rotation direction, and the operation of the other auxiliary behavior is the same as before.

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