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Three Franchise Players Failed to Sign Long Term Contract before the Deadline

[Jul 19 2017 GMT]

    The NFL's deadline for signing a franchise player has passed. Running back Le'Veon Bell, quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​and corner back Trumaine Johnson, who had not signed the long-term contract, ultimately did not successfully signed. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    Among the three people who have nearly signed the contract may be the Pittsburgh Steelers running back Bell. It is reported that Bell appeared in the steel base to participate in the negotiations on Monday, but the two sides still failed to sign the contract before the deadline 4 pm.

    Bell's franchise contract values $ 12.1 million, which makes him the league's highest paid running back. But he has not signed the contract, so he is not obliged to participate in team training. It is possible that he will not join the team training until mid-August.

    Failing to sign the long-term contract, the Washington Redskins quarterback Cousins became the first quarterback who wears the franchise tag for two consecutive years. It is reported that the Redskins raised the offer in May, and after the failure to successfully sign a long-term contract, the Redskins said their final offer includes 53 million US dollars full insurance coverage (the highest in the NFL quarterback) and $ 72 million in injury income. Redskins said their contract would allow Cousins ​​to be at least the second-highest player in the history when it comes to the average annual salary.

    As for Johnson, he will also play for the second consecutive season with the franchise tag. In the offseason this year, Los Angeles Rams have tried to trade him but did not succeed.

    The other four players who were franchise players have signed up with their teams.