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Thompson Praised Zhou Qi

[Jul 29 2016 GMT]

Warriors Thompson accepted an interview from He said he hoped to learn from Durant, and in his view, the Chinese player Zhou Qi technology is quite skillful.

Earlier, US and China had a warm-up match and finally US team won with 107-57. It was Durant's first show after joining the Warriors. He contributed 13 points. Warriors another player Thompson contributed 15 points. Thompson said he felt happy to play with Durant, Green and Barnes.

As a former key player in Thunder, Durant and Curry's cooperation makes people excited, but they are also worried about issues related to the distribution of the ball. In response, Thompson expressed his views. He thinks Durant is very pleased to play together. He will not control the ball and he will make it all easy.

Thompson also talked about the Chinese team's situation, especially Zhou Qi, who was selected by the Rockets, left him a deep impression. In addition, he also likes their point guard Guo Ailun. Who do you like? Will you buy NBA 2K MT for them? I bet you will.