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Thompson Defense and Offense in NBA 2K

[May 23 2017 GMT]

In the real game, Thompson has a good physical advantage, athletic ability, low footsteps move flexible, has expertise in the block. But how his defense and offensive performance in the game?

Offensive end: Thompson in the Warriors is the role of deputy attacker, no ball technology top, Curry and Green are not in the field will bear a lot of ball task. The past two years, Thompson's level of progress is quite huge, but there is a certain distance from the top, the basket against the end of the ability to fight flat. Three-pointers nothing to say, the history of the second. In the distance of the emergency stop and stand is also a profit weapon.

Defensive end: Thompson is the best of the league is not one of the best 3D, single defense top, defense is also considered excellent, the final defensive James hit rate even once the Warriors all the defensive player in the lowest person. Foul problem has been Thompson defense on the issue, the defensive control of the body is not good, often into a foul trouble. Sometimes let Thompson against the opponent' s arrow characters will consume too much physical strength, so that he is exhausted at both ends of the offensive and defensive, but also let Thompson' s data is not particularly beautiful.

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