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Thomas Has A Lot to Say But Not to Say

[Oct 19 2015 GMT]

After the Seattle Seahawks failed the Carolina Panthers, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas had a quarrel. The two had problems in the process of marking Greg Olsen and let the Seahawks swallow the season's fourth defeat to buy cheap NFL coins.

Pete Carol said they had made a mistake in the tactical. Players are confused about the signal, it is unfortunate to let the opponent to complete a simple array. The players did not get the same signal, so it happened. Thomas confirmed Carol's statement, he said half of the defensive team was playing this tactic, the other half was playing another. When they didn't communicate, things happened. He thought Sherman was near the sideline, he got the correct instruction, but it didn't not convey to all people of

The Seahawks team eventually encountered the reversal in the fourth quarter performance. Thomas said he had a lot to say, but he could't say. It was a great game, but the defense was very ugly at last.