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This One Time at Ban Camp In Runescape

[Jan 12 2018 GMT]

RuneScape is usually a game that I've come back to numerous, numerous instances plus the most recent return was pretty much two years ago. I was excited to rejoin such a game I hold dear... only to uncover that I had been banned. More than the years, there had been countless instances that I was muted or temporarily banned, but this 1 was permanent.

It was surprising taking into consideration the date of my ban was at a time that I hadn't even logged on at all. I realized that I had been hacked and what ever the hacker did to my account resulted in the permaban. This was disappointing, but I had no choice but to make a new character. I regularly used the no cost character, calculating and working with the Grand Exchange auction residence to collect a million gold in only two weeks.

It helped that I had downloaded a program that innocently enhanced the gameplay and made calculations easier. Little did I realize that such a simple system that did nothing at all to in fact transform the game or give any considerable benefit would result in a swift permanent ban on my new account as well. Fortunately, I was capable to overturn the ban as Jagex seemed to believe an individual hacked my account.

I was grateful for this and have attempted to do the identical for my original account, however it has strangely been unsuccessful hence far. Regardless, it's telling that a game like RuneScape with all of its quirks and troubles nonetheless keeps me coming back practically 15 years immediately after I initially fell in love with it, and I'm still not carried out however. Together with the upcoming release of a mobile version, you may bet your runescape gold I will be all-in on day one.