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Thin Injury is Only One of Gronkowski Bad Experiences

[Oct 14 2017 GMT]

No one can say he is superior to others except for Rob Gronkowski. As the No.1 American football tight ends, he has made great achievements in Madden game those years, including won 2016 Ron Burton Community Service Award. Thus, there is no doubt that he is always the model of focus and concentration. Recently, a bad thing happened to him. He missed an important match in Tampa, Florida because of injured thigh injury last week. Fortunately, his team won over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at this fierce competition.


Gronkowski had injured his thigh in the team's Oct. 1 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Many fans worried that he may not play well in the next game. But Gronkowski said Monday that his groin injury is "nothing serious" and he referred to his status as "day-to-day." On Monday, Patriots players were present at Gillette Stadium for meetings, and Gronkowski, who had promised to speak to reporters upon the team's return home, naturally drew a large crowd.


"I'm good to go, ready to play," Gronkowski said Friday. "Whatever coaches call, or whatever plays they have me in, I'll be ready to roll." "Unfortunately it was a quick turnaround game Thursday night, and it just wasn't ready to roll. There was no chance that it could have gone," he said. "It is what it is. I took care of myself throughout that whole time, took care of my body, and now I'm ready to play."


Except for his bad thigh injury this time, Gronkowski also suffered a lot in the past several years. He’s had major and multiple surgeries on his forearm, back and knee. Worse yet, he has missed 22 regular games (excluding playoffs) the past 5 seasons because of injuries. He’ll be someone to keep an eye on this summer as he recovers from his third back surgery — an injury that forced him to miss half the 2016 NFL regular season.


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