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There is no need to worry about how the FIFA18 accelerator chooses

[Jul 13 2017 GMT]

FIFA series every year to launch a new game, like now FIFA18 pre-sale but the game content is unknown, FIFA17 has been selling content in that. Many small partners to fall into the buy FIFA17 or so FIFA18 good question, I do not know how to choose. In fact, the two are still common: no matter how to choose, buy FIFA17 or FIFA18, FIFA17 / 18 accelerator is necessary.

The reason why such a conclusion is naturally because FIFA17 / FIFA18 the probability of a network problem is quite high because of the geographical distance between the server and the player. As the FIFA server away from the naked when the network may face obstacles, network problems and so much more than the national dress game. So let the little partner to prepare the FIFA18 accelerator is not alarmist but prevent it.

If you have not come into contact with the outside game before the first contact, then you need to try sections of the FIFA18 accelerator, from which to find the right for you that section. 

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