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The violation of the rule of basketball timeout

[Sep 13 2016 GMT]

Basketball game rules more, and quite complex, a total of 93.1.3 seconds rule: a team of control ball, the same team members in the other side of the restricted area can not stay more than 3 seconds. In the course of the game or after the ball out of bounds to throw the case, as long as the same player in the box for more than 3 seconds, the referee will whistle immediately in a 3 seconds.

The 2.5 second rule: when a player is closely guarded, without passing or dribbling, pitching, rolling ball in 5 seconds, will be sentenced illegally. In the past 5 seconds to scramble for the ball, now by the other team members to throw. The 3.8 second rule: a team from the beginning of the backcourt ball control, must be within 8 seconds and the ball up, otherwise, 8 second violation, by the other party throw.

The 4.24 second rule: a team on the pitch control of the ball, must shoot within 24 seconds, otherwise to 24 seconds. As in the past 24 seconds after the ball was hit each other out of bounds will be calculated for 24 seconds, now throw in from the sidelines after no longer recount 24 seconds, but in 24 seconds in the remaining time to shoot, otherwise still sentenced to 24 seconds, sentenced by the other throw. Provide the Cheapest and most Secure 2K17 MT.