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The second NBA 2k operating part of the game analysis

[Jul 22 2016 GMT]

11, run: away from the basket distance, facing the attack the basket, press a special field in the opposite direction.

12, forward: shooting distance within the three-point line, facing the attack the basket, press a special field in the opposite direction.

13, protect dribble: perimeter possession by playing + accelerators can protect dribbling, protect the accelerated release button can reverse the ball after the ball.

14, the ball ball: holding, hold on to play key and the direction key.

15, by playing offense: insider possession by playing key + accelerators, the direction key to the basket by playing.

16, in situ crossovers: when dribbling, hold on to play key and the direction key.

17, sway people: dribbling, click on the play button.

18, sway people shooting: dribbling, click on after key press shots.

19, sway people: when dribbling, according to the direction key after click on play button.

20, crossovers, dribbling, hold on to play key, no player side according to direction key.

21, Change a hand to people: double dribble, press and hold on to play key, a direction key, in the direction of the no player immediately then back just on the side of a player.

22, step back: dribbling, hold on to play key, moving a player in the opposite direction in accordance with the direction key.

23, leapfrog: ball toward the basket dribbles, press leapfrog (i.e., rebound blocked key).

24, leapfrog: away from the basket press the direction key + leapfrog.

25, feints breakthrough: ball, hold down the + ball player in on the left or the right.

26, alley-oop: false preach + on the play button.

27, Europe steps: layup, by playing + key shooting.

28, half turnarounds: play with key + rebounds.

29, turn back jump shot: enter a state of play with, the bottom line corresponding to the direction of the + key shooting

30, feint: jump shots here to use special key shooting, the accelerated + by play button to enter by state, loosen by playing, even under the two special key shooting. Special shot key left for the left side of the shooting, right to the right side of the shooting.

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