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The second Aion eight professional characteristics

[Feb 17 2016 GMT]

The magic star: wizard type, the traditional attack dealers, use diversified magic attack, has a strong attack capability of single and group.

Spiritmaster: summon type, summon wind and water form the fire elves to help you fight, oneself can become the spirit support or second battle exporter. In accordance with the spirit, to fight against the enemy way is different, also can be a powerful attack, also can be used to weaken the goal and contain the target control tactics, style diversification.

Cleric: cure, cure the game, simply be blood tonic, in addition to provide healing and resurrection support, also can provide some defensive auxiliary.Has ability to engage in physical fight.

Chanter: auxiliary type, dharma star can display many auxiliary players of various ability, enhance the capabilities of the teammates, in the battle to become combat catalyst, and improving the team combat capability. And itself is also can wear the lock of the fighter, a certain degree of defense ability, and can use melee weapons.

Elyos with the Asmodian classifications are the same, there is no special profession. Under each class, there are two turn a career, when players to 10 levels, can choose one from the two career, become formal professional role. Character creation when they need from the "Elyos" and "Asmodian" choose a race between, an account can only choose a race, if the first character creation day family role, then seven character also can choose only days after the race.

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