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The second AION game profession introduction

[Mar 18 2016 GMT]

Master (Sorcerer, Spiritmaster) : before awakening become guardian, humans also have the ability to use basic magic.Although they is very fragile, but can use magic power to offset their own disadvantages. After awakening protector, can make to have natural destruction Sorcerer and free to manipulate the Spiritmaster of the forces of nature. Basic game style: recommended melee battle while the weaker, but want to use strong destructive power and absolute's ability to fight the monster players to choose this profession.

Presbyter (Chanter, Cleric) : the priest for others rather than oneself the growth of the service of the priests, handed down are served as the task of providing treatment to the wounded soul.'s ability to fight monsters while significantly weaker than other professions, but they to companions can form the effective support and make the game process more smoothly. After awakening as the guardian, the priest can transfer to have the most powerful healing ability Chanter and have attack/defend/treatment of the comprehensive ability of Cleric. Basic style game: recommended like simpler operation, hope with the treatment capacity and his companions together game players to choose this profession.

AION configuration is the strongest, known as the need, is a grand to introduce 3 dmmorpg fantasy of massively multiplayer online role-playing game, using 3 d Cry 2 Engine, Engine in the eternal tower interactive changing the game environment, the player will also result in the task and reward.

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