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The owner of the elves Spiritmaster AION game

[Apr 18 2016 GMT]

As the call of the Aion only professional, Spiritmaster are of a similar nature, and the way the star but they most dependent on the ability of pet. They and the Spiritmaster, with low survival ability. But the biggest drawback is focus on a single point of attack, attack so there is no can blow to reverse the global skills.

The Spiritmaster players need to what kind of quality? The Spiritmaster need ability is careful manipulation. To constantly check when hunting, pets, and the monster 3 of their physical, adjust opposing values, it not only need to judgment, must also have good ability of operation. Is also made of the mage turned the Sorcerer and elves, although it is a similar professional group, but need to be completely different styles of play, this is a kind of satire. Recommend to such games style of player. For the familiar summon professional players, the Aion Spiritmaster should be easy to get started. It is suitable for the single player career, so recommend safely hunting alone like the player to choose a career.

Not suitable for this kind of style of player. Want to blow will kill, or you want to PvP players, it is not recommended to choose a career. Spiritmaster to a single point of attack monsters, and the speed of hunting in the mage is not too soon. In addition, due to depend entirely on the pet, and therefore unable to play in the PvP and fortress war too much of a role. Like high damage output and choose the mage department players, it is recommended to make choice when the Spiritmaster.

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