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The measurement NBA 2k16 game IGN

[Aug 25 2016 GMT]

Although several works before the series screen is also very good, but the NBA 2k16 picture has significantly increased. To model all in more detail the body scan player, brought the overall game experience further improved. Face, hair, body, and even the arm length are all consistent with the reality, and sign of each player action animation let everything live up. Work's overall performance this year, in fact, many people are improved significantly, and new games opening, appearances, chose a national anthem play, don't get so bored slightly long load times appears.

NBA 2k16 game operating experience almost got complete ascension from all aspects, make the whole game experience more authentic. In the previous films in the player can always use coquettish go fool defenders, circles be silly wait for AI to show a gap. If the player to make a meaningless change to and dribbling, can easily backfire, be AI steals, and if the player breaks, are often severely blocked shots. If you want to firmly score, you have to use the real basketball tactics, if you really can play basketball, you will find the game make you like a duck to water.

In addition, the operation mode of also get the corresponding adjustment and optimization, golf ball now and touch the ground bounce pass was assigned to two different keys. And the most significant change was in three seconds, you can now use L2 (LT). For the operation of the defensive player of the more sensitive now, players do not need to wait for character animation over the next instruction can be given. But you'll soon discover that even if the timing of absolute precision shooting, also will not be able to guarantee 100% shooting, this is the actual situation in reality.

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