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The man not to punch the ball Feichan Toure

[Mar 20 2017 GMT]

The first half of Liverpool against Manchester City, Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure midfielder Fanqiang twice tackles, especially second abruptly kicked in the Emre Zhan's shoulders, so booked. This foul is great, the Ivorian did not close feet solidly with spikes kick to Emre's body, even by the referee to a red card is also reasonable.

Twenty-second minutes into Fifa Coins the game, Manchester City on the defensive in the half, Phil Nandy Neo broke the ball, but the ball rolled down to Coutinho, yayatoure shovel the ball to go, but Emre Zhan also cast tackles, one step ahead of the ball from Silva foot kick, yayatoure rushed stride rushed forward, slide play to the ball and Emre has been lying on the ground - james.

Emre - Jim fell on the ground will lift the ball away, but yayatoure foot was hit, while the iron waist to a certain extent, remove the power, but still kicking in the Germany midfielder's right shoulder, the foul occurred in the eyes of the referee. The referee did not hesitate to Toure booked.

Facing the enemies of Liverpool, as a city of single midfielder Yaya Toure bear the heavy defensive duties, slightly fierce action is also reasonable, but fortunately the pedaling caused serious injury to no other players. The second half in less than 70 minutes, because of serious overdraft physical Toure, Guardiola was replaced in advance.