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The king cup MSN truce Tulane hat trick

[Dec 22 2016 GMT]

16/17 season Spain Cup final 1/16 second round continue. At the Nou Camp, the defending army Barcelona 7 home court than 0 slaughter C team Hercules, and with a total score of 8 to 1 in advance. Turan hat, Al Cassell, Barcelona D harvest career goal, Rakiti and Rafinha each scored a goal.

The first leg of Buy FIFA 17 Coins the two teams kicked 1 to 1. Barcelona Mascherano and Denis Suarez to retain only the two person is not rotation, Mathieu absent because of injury, teershite, Peake, Lewis - Suarez, Messi and Neymar for technical reasons unsuccessful list.

Third minutes Mascherano xiechuan, which FIFA 17 Coins restricted area on the left foot volley kick high. 24 minutes Rakiti right before the forbidden area right foot shot over the bar, the side netting 4 minutes after Denis Suarez left the restricted area right foot low shot. 37 minutes on the left back Alda Turan, before Rafinha tuishe sliced, d a small area before left tongshe break. 1 to 0, Barcelona home ahead!

Barcelona (4-3-3) - Arrakis:13- Silayson; 22- 14- 23-, Mascherano Vidal, Titi, umm 19- Digne; 4- Rakitic, 21- Andre - Gomes, Denis - 6- Suarez; 12- 17-, 7- Alcacer, rafinha Alda Turan

Hercules (4-2-3-1):1- Ivan Bouygues J; 2- Albert 4-, Esso Dalmat Fernando - Rome, 5- - Bohr cloth (54 '16- Mainz), 3- Pernia, Rojas 6-; 8- chekanovskogo; 7- Chu, 10- Jose - Jose - Gaspar mignano, 11- (46' - 14- Miguel angel Nieto) 9-; Jesus Berrocal (68 '12- Alvaro Salinas)