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The kinds of games to Assassin form

[Apr 11 2016 GMT]

Single: Assassin is suitable for the single player career. As the investigation turned professional, quick grasp the features of the monster, focused attacks can quickly hunting monsters, was Assassin in PvE should do in the first place. In addition to collecting and patterns, and the murder of a powerful strike Assassin unique hunting skills, Assassin can also use skill of numerous can cause abnormal state, so the hunting can speed is faster than any career.

A team/forces: in a team and forces, Assassin is a typical damage output. Meat shield at the time of targets, means to Assassin can easily find the opportunity to attack from behind. Therefore able to output greater harm to the other side. Assassin of a variety of skills, special can give team a very strong enhancement and complementary role. Team games/troops and shield to resist the attack of the meat, please put all attention to the explosive damage. The most important thing is to regain the spirit, and constantly don't let stop attacks.

PvP/fortress: Assassin in 1:1 and small-scale PvP, is stronger than any career. Besides can through the greatest strength of stealth capture opportunities, they have also has a lot of in the skills of playing against skills, crisis management ability is also very good. In large-scale combat and fortress, Assassin is not suitable for a job in rushed in battle frontier pioneers, but suits and other look for opportunities to attack from behind. Please don't forget, they can also make melee defense weaker treatment, the mage series of characters become powerless, let the enemy's front crash more quickly.

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