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The kinds of games Spiritmaster form

[Apr 19 2016 GMT]

1. Single: The Spiritmaster is a master of a single game. As in many online games before see, the Spiritmaster of the Aion also can continue to safely for hunting. They adjust the hostile value of pet, using a single point of skill to hunt monsters. Game mode and black wizard is similar in other games. They can call upon specific Spiritmaster, in PvE war brought the strong side. When hunting, let pet entangled monsters, players need to use it all you want to use the skills. This means that you can use both sleep and single point skills to suppress monster, can challenge the powerful monster named alone.

2. Team/forces:  In the team and troops, and the way astrology than, Spiritmaster is not easy to see. They are neither powerful damage output, is not a good person., of course, according to the player's control, contribution to the team would be different, but the Spiritmaster as a mage hybrid profession, not beyond the Sorcerer of damage, so the Spiritmaster to make contribution to a team/unit, need to rely on the status of the faster response capacity than other people, when the healer monsters that haunt it, or to its using hypnosis ability.

3. The PvP/fortress: in PvP, spirit is not very strong, but it all depends on the change in the future. Through the Spiritmaster curse and diverse groups suppressed skills, can undertake harassment of the other, have certain effect to contain. I think this is probably the best results. In order to modify players, points out problems and Spiritmaster is expected to happen very big change.

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