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The kinds of games Fighter form

[Apr 08 2016 GMT]

Single: Fighter has the most suitable for all professional practice ability. Relatively high toughness, can choose weapons or more species. Although will be tired, but relatively fast speed of hunting. Drawback is the lack of recovery the recovery of their physical skills, but gain or potion instead of using, can maintain a higher efficiency of hunting.

A team/forces: compared with single, Fighter is not strong in team games. Although the Fighter with both as a meat shield, can damage the ability again, but is better than a meat shield Knignt, and damage output as the Sorcerer, so looks a little high inadequate low not. To be popular with the team's Fighter, must have a keen sense, to be able to master the situation as soon as possible, more quickly than in the presence of dangerous situations to protect players. Can be equipped with a sword, shield and one hand as a certain degree of meat shield role, also is the advantages of Fighter.

PvP/fortress: Fighter PvP as one-sided as ruler, not a relatively balanced ability, to a certain degree of confrontation. And watch stars than can be more active response to the situation, is the basic ability can against long-range career. High toughness is also reduced the decisive conditions because of one error, to a certain extent, reduce the burden of the duel.

In the battle fortress, Fighter attacking midfield role. Active in the fortress of war Fighter and ruled together in front of the front, after the Knignt broke through the other front, to the collapse of the enemy divide-and-conquer missions.

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