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The guardian of the Fighter is follow the star of the sword

[Aug 27 2015 GMT]

Fighter use a variety of the sword, even including war ji, can master all of the weapons, the biggest goal is to study at the same time conform to the diversity of the various weapon fighting skills. But compared with gorgeous skill and technique, Fighter prefer strong frontal attack on the enemy. So Fighter only in fighting the blade relative to the real value, in most of the bianconeri are core strength. Fighter focus Yu Xiulian self ability, has the strongest more style, Fighter. Become the strongest professional race that day is not far off! Equivalent to a berserker, PVP the absolute main force of the battlefield!

Due to replace meat shield in the guardian acted as a team, in the team responsible for the most difficult task, because this often get the leadership team. Well acquainted with the use of tactical tag becomes necessary, this also need to be doing things not jing can cope with various emergencies, three or more markers to open first as far as possible, especially to control the blame, don't let yourself to choose control mages. more than 600 crit is meaningless. Best options to Buy Aion EU Gold and best Aion players of choice on

Due to the hatred of Aion Fighter skills did not protect so much. So in most cases by output and suit with enmity skills to hold hatred. To copy, so here it is recommended to use dual wield, of course, in some strange more will be able to switch to a two-handed weapons using group technology to achieve group's hatred and the increase of total output and cooperate with the vampire wave used to restore life to achieve the effect. Is because there is no too much hatred Fighter skills also does not have the too much injury reduction, so the appropriate skills is a must, and the proper use of h. skills but also as a meat shield Fighter must be clear.