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The first NBA player kobe Bryant technology

[Aug 31 2016 GMT]

According to the performance evaluation of the NBA star in the NBA in various fields of Kings, the so-called passing most powerful magician, dunk is strongest carter, so on the different technology of the strongest who the hell are you? Technology almighty awarded kobe Bryant, a man who attack no dead Angle, of course, you can have the privilege, Bryant not only break through and shooting accuracy, was in the peak of his career to hakeem olajuwon learned from master to turn around and technology. Awesome body quality with his almighty technology, technology almighty who can better than kobe Bryant?

The greatest player of the greatest scorer? This issue has been going on for a long time in the NBA, but one of the greatest players and one of the greatest scorer is a person, this thesis will not be someone, he is Michael Jordan.10 seasons of his career won the NBA scoring champion, led the bulls to six times won the championship, career averages of 30.1 points, more than that, he also led the development of the NBA's greatest player, one of the greatest scorer who can compare with him.

The most versatile player is lebron James, as he has a small forward forward figure and technology, and has the same vision and ball control guard, he is the second after Jordan "in the same year in the history includes four big honor" annual MVP and championship, NBA finals MVP, an Olympic gold medal "player", at the same time, he is also the history of the NBA season reached 2000 points and 500 rebounds 500 assists the players many times, this number is 7 times.

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