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The analysis of the AION Ranger unpopular skill

[Jun 20 2016 GMT]

Snubbed skill 1: the cone of arrows, Ranger and ClericPK, cure when amount of HP was aborted when the blood of 1500-2000, 99% will flash heal, instantaneous blood from 1500 to 2000, Ranger, seize the opportunity to give him a cone of arrows, and let him out of the flash heal, arrow after the silence, and then the DPS output or noose of trap. The cone the CD of an arrow is 24 seconds, flash heal CD is 30 seconds.

Snubbing skills 2: dust trap, this is a group of trap, will be in after 10 m range, the enemy, in the state of blindness (hit) reduction and singing time to slow down. This is a powerful skill, whether it's PK or copy, can be turning around! But many Ranger hand come and go do my jump shot.Rarely have research on trap. Recommend open focus to avoid when necessary, and then the dust.

Snubbed skills 3: eye of the concentrated, an increase of 200 hit 60 seconds. This skill in the field to play blame is almost useless, we Ranger accuracy high, but hit the properties, have been identified and avoidance, shield defense, defense weapons is offset, many Ranger PK time like eye of the reinforcement, a 5% increase in attacks, but that 5% of the attack, the somebody else shield defense could have launched a far flung out you that 5% of the attack, so all of the physics department of professional include Cleric, open an eye of the concentrated than open eye of the reinforcement effect.

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