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The advantages and disadvantages of the three types of Assassin

[Mar 07 2016 GMT]

Can Assassin, is a professional assassin, stealth, high-speed, high crit (in-game name call easy to a deadly blow to crit), high avoidance is his professional characteristics, from the professional skills of passive skills can clearly see that wearing leather armor."One hundred people, there are one hundred Hamlet" Assassin, in the hands of many players, there is a lot of the game. (I said the game here, I just towards the magic stone Mosaic) Assassin has the following three major.

First, high violence killed.
With ultra high crit, almost down the violence is also one of the most mainstream, the magic stone Mosaic principle - all crit

Second, the more damage.
Has the outstanding crit, also has good attack, two attributes together to kill besides professional metal armour almost like chopping vegetables crit - the main attack

Third, high evasion.
Has the outstanding crit, also has high evasion ability, survival ability.-- the main crit. Avoid times which Assassin kill most severe, that kill the most powerful such as leveling, or an old saying goes, the most the most professional, only the strongest players!
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