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The Warriors Will Renew Iguodala

[Jun 20 2017 GMT]

According to 2kvc reports, although the Warriors tried to renew Andre Iguodala in the summer, they were expected to usher in fierce competition. Iguodala also plans to seriously consider other teams in this summer's free agent market.

In the four seasons of the Warriors, Iguodala became an important offensive organizer and defender, and was seen as the leader of the Warriors' locker room. According to the market this summer, Iguodala can get an annual salary of 20 million US dollars contract, while Andre Iguodala last season in the Warriors salary was 11 million US dollars.

Since joins the Warriors in 2013, Andre Iguodala has always demonstrated his own value, and he is willing to serve as a substitute. Warriors made two championships, so his contribution is not small, and he was the FMVP of 2015.

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