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The Warriors Made Another Record

[Apr 06 2017 GMT]

Warriors away 120-111 victory over the Suns, made 13 straight victories. Warriors this season has made 65 wins, which is their three consecutive season got at least 65 wins, made a record in the NBA.

Warriors became the third team after Celtics and the 76ers that got three consecutive years' best record in the league. Warriors have now made 13 consecutive victories, tied the season's longest winning streak record. After they beating the Suns, their away record came to 31 wins and 10 losses, which makes them the first team in NBA history for two consecutive seasons to win 30 wins.

Over the past three seasons, the Warriors have won 205 regular seasons, made the record of the NBA history single team in three consecutive season wins' record. Warriors victory in this field also helped them lock the league's first ranking.

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