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The Ultimate Quest Guide for New Players

[Nov 15 2017 GMT]

For all of you who complain that this is not mine, just look at the two guides and compare them. mmocart changed 75% there. The original data is for reference only.

mmocart thought we remembered everything about these tasks, but if there is anything missing, please let us know. Possible errors may include error calculations regarding items, grades, task points and so on. Any good advice will be added.

Note: be sure to carry 500gp with you in any case unless you have a description. Never pile the whole thing on you! The only task of defending XP is "dragon killer" and "natural spirit". Determine that you will need to omit any project to get these.

If you find a crowded place in the free zone, there are lots of spots. There is absolutely no crowding! Recommendations include contains copper, iron, tin and coal mining area, north of transforming the mage - in the east of mining area, a large number of iron, coal and copper - Sinclair building, ferrari castle and more Hemenster chicken - Aaron bridge north of cattle, in the west of leather association and Yanille.

Fraud is a violation of our game and the BBS rule. This is punishable and will result in your account being silenced or banned depending on the severity of the crime.
Through common sense and awareness, fraud is easy to avoid. The purpose of this guide is to help real players education scammers using techniques and lies.

To report anything you consider to be cheating on you is absolutely essential. The more evidence, the easier it is to catch the bad guys and keep RuneScape clean!

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