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The Three Highest Ranked Players in MUT 18

[Sep 29 2017 GMT]

So far, MUT mode is the one which posses the largest community, many players play it because they can choose any player they like as long as they have sufficient Madden 18 Coins. It also the main difference between this special mode to other ordinary modes.


Aaron Rodgers ranks the top list of quarterback, even Ton Brady can’t compete against him. With 96 scores in the game, he is definite one of the favorites of any team manager, since he could increase the winning possibility of the whole team in the game. It’s not an easy thing for his opponents to attack him effectively; he is so fast at speed that only a few players could catch his ball. Rob Gronkowski is among those several competitors to him, he is wise enough to catch his weakness and intercept ball from him. There are only four players, who could score 99 throughout madden game; Rob Gronkowski is one of them who have done this perfect task.


Dan Bailey, titled as the most accurate kicker in the game, and he ranks the first with 85 ranking. A team, no matter how weak or strong it is, a good kicker is always an indispensable part of it. He can hit 50-yard field goals which is almost an inconceivable accomplishment for many other players. We all know Dan Bailey is the kick king in the game, but punter is not his strength, Pat McAfee is the most suitable guy for those who want to find a best punter for their team, with 86 rankings in the game, there is no controversy about his extraordinary performance.


Although Brown got 97 overall, his agility has achieved 98 rating in the game. So far, there is no one but Brown who really plays his best in the game. Not only he could score high goals in the match, but only helps his partner play to their strength. Due to his great agility ability, he could pass or intercept accurately and fast, his partner catch ball from him and shoot it easily.  


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