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The Spurs home court against Toronto

[Jan 04 2017 GMT]

The Spurs home court against Toronto, of strong dialogue. Before the game the Spurs second in the west, East Second toronto. In recent seasons, the Spurs in the west only in the eastern warriors, the Raptors after knight, because a Spurs loss to the Hawks, a lot of Buy NBA 2K17 MT people think the Raptors have the opportunity in front of the Spurs get cheap. However, the reality is that it does not Deluozan opening race in Asia Camden off Bulan, Toronto 2-0 lead the Spurs, this is the only time ahead of them.

Then the Spurs hit a wave of 6-1, then a wave of 6-1, just 2 minutes to beat the Raptors could not find where to open the door to Jurassic park. A lot of fans the impression that the Spurs are a slow team, they will take a game for state, and the other two fight to the last moment, and then lock the victory. The data view is that this season, the Spurs first averaged 26.1 points only ranked sixteenth in the league, even Nicks, such as the underdog.

Today, the first spurs scored 29 points, the offense is extraordinary play. They really lead is still defensive, only for the Raptors to get 18 points, a two digit lead single section. The defense of the most active is of course Leonard, Jonas Vallance, he steals, capping, Lori, DeRozan, including the single scored 13 points, as with the art of video avatar as where is his figure.

Leonard, that's a bad thing. The first few games because of gastroenteritis diarrhea absent two battle against the Hawks rush, only 3 of 12, so he too would like to open a good start against toronto. Accidentally overexert, became a one-sided swing. The second section of the game back spurs quickly opened to the poor 20, the Raptors would fight back, Deluozan lone hero General rush, but can not stop the more the Spurs led by Leonard bloom.

In the end, a 28 point massacre spurs the Spurs out of the last loss to the hawks. Remember what the media said after the game? Master lost to the apprentice, as it is now is not a strong west east weak era. I heard it, even with the iron mask Leonard laughed, also do not know because of NBA 2K17 MT their very good condition, or too Toronto is not competitive, in the second section of the game Leonard was revealing him for a long time no see, with a strange smile.