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The Seattle Seahawks Got a Victory

[Nov 23 2015 GMT]

Thomas Rawls helped the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers with running ball.

In the just-concluded game, the Seahawks 29 to 13 victory over 49ers, Rawls completed 209 yards rushing, which is also the second-best in the Seahawks rushing record. Russell Wilson also performed well, and finally helped the team reach 50% record. Rawls completed 255 yards in the game, of which 46 yards is pick the ball. Now he had  an averaging more than 160 yards in the two games.

In the game Wilson completed 24 passes and advancing 260 yards, up 138.5 quarterback rating. With a victory in this game, the Seahawks have a chance to compete for qualified playoffs. Nflcoins congratulate to them. Nflcoins is a professional NFL 16 coins selling site.