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The Seahawks Season Is Far from Over

[Oct 20 2015 GMT]

After the Seattle Seahawks lost in this week's game, the record is only 2 wins and 4 losses. Since the League expanded to 12 in 1990, only 14 of the 168 playoff teams have won 2 games in the first 6 games. Among them, only 4.2% of the team won the district championship, no one can eventually win the super bowl.

The Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is still full of confidence for his team to buy NFL coins. Their season is far from over. This is just a huge challenge.

Count in the super bowl, the Seahawks was all taking a lead into the fourth quarter in the past 5 defeat. They are also the first team which lost four games when they got advantage at the fourth section in the first six games of the season since 1999. The Seahawks was also the second team which encountered a reversal when they still had a nine point ahead in the last four minuteswas since 50 years ago. From the second week, the Seahawks's score is 9-48 in the fourth quarter.

Carol said that he thought they should win these games. They should have had 6 matches. This is also the Seahawks's first winning less than 50%  after 6 games since the 2011 season. But as Carol said, it is far from the end of the season, the Seahawks still have a chance to make the playoffs on