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The Reason for Draymond Green Being Suspended

[Jun 17 2016 GMT]

Now, finally know the reason why Green missed G5 - the accumulated flagrant fouls triggerred banning from games. NBA president Adam Silver said that Green himself admitted the retaliatory action, and his continuous flagrant fouls made the banning inevitable.

A lot of NBA rules has been practiced for over 20 years and the purpose of these rules is to avoid conflict on the pitch. However, such rules may indeed cause the players to take retaliatory action. Green himself even admitted that his sneak attacking belonged to a retaliatory action. Moreover, groin and head are  very sensitive and the league is quite strict with the fouls to sensitive area. This ban incident, Green was to blame because some fouls he made before has made him lose others' trust.

Silver's intention is clear, preventing a similar situation from occurring again. No matter how troublesome it is, it has to be resolutely implementd. Do you think it necessary to be like that? Or do you care nothing but just want to play NBA 2K16? If so, here is a chance for you to get cheap NBA 2K MT by clicking here.