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The Problem of NBA 2K Real Degree

[Jun 01 2017 GMT]

2K series from 15 to start a new engine, the physical degree of truth has been greatly improved. In addition, 3D models, textures, tones, light and so on are affecting the player whether the visual feel " real ".

Sports game physics engine is very difficult to do, the first simulation of the game out of the physical collision needs to be presented through the animation, and the number of animation is limited, that is, will repeat, so to really reproduce the sports competition in the Kind of collision after the mix of people almost impossible to do, not to mention the interaction between the human body and the human body, the interaction between the human body and the ball, all are big problems.

NBA body against a lot, a position war, field 10 players, at least 4 in the card position, pushing, inside rebounds, plus layup cover, foul. These movements are technically difficult to achieve. There is still much room for improvement in the future.More information is on where you can Buy NBA 2K18 MT.