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The Premier League team De La Liga title race team

[Mar 15 2017 GMT]

The Champions League 1/8 final ballot results were announced, a lot of people in Leicester city to sweat, blue fox miracle here in the end, some people even predicted to be slipped into the Seville city of Leicester, the dog didn't touch the ball. However, football is always round, is the mule is a horse must pull out yo. The first round of the contest, Leicester city played a crucial away goal. The second leg back to the home court, Huanshuai Leicester City kicked their tactics, with blue fox best smooth and clean to resolve the fighting. Under the crisis, the city of Fifa Coins Leicester completed the redemption, but also for the Premiership earned a face.

Objectively speaking, the outside world to see the decline before the city of Leicester is not unreasonable. Blue fox rival Seville is what position? They have been in the League for the past three seasons in the presence of God, winning the title for the second time in a row, known as the UEFA Champions league. This season, under the head of the elder brother of the transformation of the mulberry poly, Seville's offensive and defensive have been greatly improved, especially the offensive end of the progress of the obvious, their goals in La Liga after real madrid. La Liga standings, Seville 27 Harding Park, 17 wins, 6 draws and 4 defeats, accumulate 57 points, only 3 points behind Barcelona, third in the table, hoping to have the title.

One is the Premier League relegation team, a team in La Liga title, believe that rational fans will think that Seville is a strong one. The Leicester city seems to prefer to do those things that you think is impossible, since it is possible to compensate for 1 of the odds of winning the title of the top of the Premiership, why not do it in Seville? The first round of battle, Ranieri is still in the office, the city of Leicester on the road to play a very pragmatic, although 1-2 lost, but got a precious away goal, and the ultimate goal for their promotion plays a key role.