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The Possible Homes of Kovacic

[Jun 06 2016 GMT]

Kovacic is considering leaving Real Madrid, and Juventus is interested in him. During the Champions League final, Kovacic has recommended himself to Juventus, while the Juventus coach Allegri has said OK to Kovacic's action.

During the Champions League final, Kovacic's broker had negotiated with Juventus. In that game, Kovacic was abandoned by Zidane, which strengthened his determination to leave Real Madrid. But Juventus is not the only one interested in the former Inter player. AC Milan  had also asked Real Madrid about the possibility of introducing Kovacic. It's said that Kovacic didn't reject to return to the city of Milan as it is difficult to obtain a fixed starting place at Real Madrid.

The Croatia talent is just 22 years old. The Champions League is the highest honor of his short career, but he failed to meet the expectations of playing time, only 1414 minutes. Benitez asked the club to sign him, for which Real Madrid spent a transfer fee of 30 million euros, but even under the leadership of Benitez, he was off the bench, not to say Zidane.

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