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The Olympic men basketball rules and what is the difference between the fourth article in the NBA

[Aug 09 2016 GMT]

The difference between five: goaltending rule of different

If you see on the pitch the ball at the Olympic Games are still on the basket was players to fill in or been allocated scene don't be surprised, under the rules of the Olympic basketball, this way is allowed. In NBA rules, if the ball is on the rim of the cylinder, the player touches the ball will be decisions interfere with the ball, if offensive touch, then directly call offensive is invalid, if defender touched, so regardless of the ball end into not into, will be sentenced to score directly.

But under the rules of the Olympic Games, as long as to reach the basket, basketball players can use any parts of the body other than the feet touch the basketball.That is why yi jianlian will be done in the 08 Olympic Games every buckle the rebound of Anthony, such a scene in the NBA is impossible.

For NBA players used to NBA 2k17 MT the air operations, such a rule change has both advantages and disadvantages, if you can adapt to as soon as possible, to complete the rebound opportunities will increase greatly, but if failed to react, will likely be European players took his rebounding or complete the rebound score in advance.