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The Olympic men basketball rules and what is the difference between the fifth in the NBA

[Aug 10 2016 GMT]

Difference between 6: use of defense and defense rules of different three seconds

All forms of regional defense and defense are allowed in the Olympic venues, relatively short because the three-point line, so the defense in the international arena of use frequency and adaptability are better than the NBA, though the NBA is now also allows the use of defense, but because the rules of defensive three seconds, the location of the center player in the zone choices will become very difficult, defense tactical use frequency is not high in the NBA.

Don't underestimate the effect defense three seconds for defense, because there is no defensive three seconds on the Olympic rules of the existence of big European teams center during zone inside, this will greatly facilitate them to each other through the player's help, that is why the NBA playing popular rose to the international level can't play one of the reasons.

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