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The NBA schedule on time

[Aug 01 2016 GMT]

The NBA's schedule with the fiba, besides the pause time long, game regular time is longer. This is mainly associated with the business operations of the NBA. The NBA game is divided into four section, each section 12 minutes, the match a total of 48 minutes (international basketball every day for 10 minutes, 40 minutes). Overtime every day for 5 minutes, there is no limit to the number of overtime.

For the NBA's rest time is arranged like this: in addition to pause, and the second quarter in the first quarter, the third quarter and fourth quarter rest between 130 seconds, 15 minutes break, between the fourth quarter and overtime and any overtime rest 100 seconds. The NBA's field from the referee announces the beginning of the game the players hit the ball at that moment, if there has been no player hit the ball after kick-off, regardless of the time.

The game play, free throws, pause to stop watch. The NBA at the start time of the day focused on the 6 PM and 10 PM local time, at that time is a time to rest from work, most industry can focus to watch the most audience. NBA court time everywhere embodies the need of its business operations, a game for the commercial activities of leaving a lot of space and time, in order to make the NBA can maximize the profit, which is to promote continuous development of power in the NBA.

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