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The NBA regular season MVP

[Jul 27 2016 GMT]

NBA MVP, also known as the best player of the season (MVP), is the highest value of all the award of an individual award, must be issued by union President personally. MVP award has two important conditions: have strong personal ability, second, we must have excellent lead. Previous winners are all first-line star alliance, undisputed team boss.

Before the 1980-81 season, the NBA MVP is voting named by the players. After that, to the best player in the NBA regular season in the United States and Canada sports journalists and TV commentators vote. According to past practice, each year about 125 reporters and commentators to vote, each voter can choose ranked first in my heart to the fifth of five players. First to fifth position of score of 10 points, seven points respectively, 5 points, three points and 1 minute, finally put all score accumulation, score the highest elected MVP.

Since the 2009-2010 season, in order to increase the interactivity, added the NBA fans voted, fans can vote for the best player in my heart, the sum of all the fans voting statistics up to pick up the top five last count as one vote results included in the total score, is all the fans only represents a voter.

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