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The NBA format rules

[Jul 29 2016 GMT]

In order to promote the NBA draft is NBA teams go hand in hand to balance policy, ensure the alliance, competitive and sustainable development. The NBA draft has abundant reserves of talent guarantee. To participate in "draft" the newcomer is usually the university students across the country, they are usually the NCAA college basketball league champions. Before 2006, influenced by utilitarianism thought, there are a lot of high school players took part in the "draft", university graduates not to enter the NBA more abound.

Beginning in 2006, the conditions for their lack of increase for at least over the age of 19 years old, also requires a high school diploma more than a year. International players to participate in the draft of the premise condition is played professional football league in the country, such as the international players in the American high school or college, with reference to domestic players running conditions. For the young players, for their lack of the NBA, according to their during college (or high school) performance rating, and of course the ranking does not determine the choice of the team in the NBA draft.

By lot, avoid team tanked, because last regular season also does not necessarily mean that no sign. Top three sign is determined, get high position to sign a team can choose the right players from the chosen rookie, supplement the need to strengthen the position of the team.

Before a playoff team first round pick 14 rookie, after the next 16 line for playoff team, the 16 teams draw order on the basis of the regular season record in order to determine, also is the regular season record more good team draft position more. Completely according to the second round draft order record in the reverse order of last season, NBA teams can be traded in player of the season will pick as a bargaining chip. Therefore, in the process of practical talent, record sorting with draft sorting not necessarily consistent.

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