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The Madden Coins Play An Important Role In The Madden Mobile NFL Game

[Apr 25 2017 GMT]

The Madden Mobile NFL is a type of mobile video game that allows you to play a general role by picking up your group of players from the current NFL or the legend. When playing a girl phone, you can get the opportunity to overcome real-time situations, get rid of obstacles, and bring players to the ultimate goal of the Super Bowl. So, starting the game for some people may be very easy, each level has gradually become difficult. So if you are starting, even somewhere in the center, and also dream of mastering video games, follow the tips useful.

First run and then pass

Compared with the drama, passing strong. So run it just through when it is necessary. After the completion of the operation, into both; do meaningless things, such as by running. Poland these relocations, you will definitely rise to competition.

Speed ​​to kill

Although the player is positioned in many places with the best lineup, they are indispensable when choosing to run, return or get players. The use of faster gamers in HB, WR, PR and KR is a good idea to prevent other features from being relatively equal.

Understand the status of the group

The team rank determines how good your team is, or the other, and your team's comparison with your opponent team. So, if your team ranks low, get a new player card to raise your rankings. You can achieve your goals by bidding on the auction house or by purchasing a complete card load.

Call the game player

By approving its recommendations, avoid luring you on behalf of the Game Expert System (AI) Coach. Playing the phone yourself is the best way to manage the game, also makes the video game becomes interesting. Use as a few plays you want; make wise decisions based on your judgment.

Be careful to use the mobile system

You can get Cheap Madden Mobile Coins by selling the players you do not need. However, you do not need to provide all the players. Use a lower level gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze player to complete the collection, or you can convert it into a trophy. You need to sell gold medal players over 80. A player of the ability to bring the amount of $ 15 million in something like this, and informants or unique group players bring something more.

Pay attention to live events

Live activities often change, but their core function is not the case, as your general manager, this is unusual. They are usually available after a few days. Seasonal video games are always there, when there is a second good arrangement, and your endurance is a bit very little. So if you find a scene, continue and play it to win some reward for the possibility.


Ultimately, your path to the Super Bowl is Marathon, not Sprint. So, please take the time to understand the impact of the event, the importance of decision and Live Events. With the above Madden Mobile NFL recommendations, you can effectively play any content you need for the game, again and again.