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The Life of Kobe Bryant After Retirement

[Jan 21 2016 GMT]

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant talks about his life after retirement in an interview. He plans to do some sports which he never trys in his life.

Kobe says that he looks forward to do skiing, surfing, skydiving after retiring. Professional NBA players are not allowed to participate in  such activities in order to aviod being hurt. But it will be no problem for a retired player. Kobe reveals that the most memorable match is the farewell fight in Philadelphia and he feels good in that game.

In addition, Bryant also explains why he does not participate in this year's Olympic Games in Rio, he thinks that the opportunities should be given to more young players, so he chooses to give up taking part in Olympic Games. mmocart think Kobe is a great player for his outstanding achievements and great personal charm. Maybe this is the reason why he gets the most votes in the All-Star voting.

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