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The Lakers have been defeated by Russell

[Dec 14 2016 GMT]

Open season record is also good for the Lakers currently suffered a wave of 7 consecutive defeat, the current record of 10 wins and 17 losses fell to tenth in the west. During this time, they suffered a lot of injuries, but when Dan Russell - Gilo and Nick - Yang are back, but also a series of lost to Nicks and the king.

Russell, the leader of Buy NBA 2K17 MT the Lakers, was even defeated by Walton: the future is his

Russell suffered a knee injury, is not a good break even after 11 games of Nicks state, only 8 to 1, the king also played only 22 minutes. He also felt quite depressed, that failed to help the team to stop losing streak, is their responsibility.

"It's all my fault." Russell said, I am the team's defensive arrow, but also to control the ball, to deal with the opponent's point guard, not good is my responsibility."

Russell referred to, should be 16 12 for Derek Ross and 11 cast 7 in Darren Collison. Russell before the start of the season, has claimed to be the new leader of the Lakers, but the frustration is limited, he played and did not significantly improve. However, the 20 year old he is still clear in the team's boss status, take the initiative to bear the responsibility of losing.

Coach Luke - Walton also pacified the team, though the Lakers' defense alliance is now the countdown to the first, but he is still very satisfied with the attitude of Russell and Randall.

"This is the growth, these young players will continue to lead the team in the future." He said, now we will assume responsibility, even if the leader, but also to make mistakes, to learn from the experience, it has been very good."

Russell also said: "we all said that NBA 2K17 MT we should strive to progress, but we can not just say it, but also to take practical action. Next is the time we act, we can not just listen to what others say, but also need to make adjustments and changes."