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The Introduction of Shooting and Passing Movements in Fifa Game

[May 31 2017 GMT]

The new AI system adds more shots and passes in the game. If you want to learn more information about Fifa 18 Coins, glad to see you come to our website

In fact, the most obvious effect is to stick to the shot ( press the shot button again after the light shot button). The strength of the tank is also full can not flying it is the winds of many aircraft players. And chaos and restricted area before the cast may have miraculous, the use of this shot method can also make the landing of the header.

In addition to the precise pass ( R1 + short pass), there are added straight plug (R1 + straight plug). Relative to the basic straight plug,precision straight plug will spread to a more radical position. AI' s reinforcement is the return of the straight plug, but both the basic straight plug or precision straight plug have become more practical, all kinds of ecstasy straight plug are waiting for the players to achieve.