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The Improved Parts of Madden 18

[Aug 29 2017 GMT]

The latest edition of Madden 18 has improved a lot based on the previous version. Defense becomes extremely important in this new game. After fierce competition, there are three teams standing out from the crowd. According to player's performance in every position, we ranked them. Not only we find the best players, but also some most effective defense ways.

The Bears likes young and strong players, so most of their numbers are young. You can't judge which one is superior, but according to their daily performance, they younger are better than the older. The young are the major driving force and they hold many crucial position in the game. The Chicago Bears personnel are reasonably and orderly arranged until they run a 3-4 defense, so it's not a easy thing that the Bears carves out a path to victory.
Jacksonville has good young players to build around at nearly every position on the defense. OLB’s Telvin Smith and Myles Jack are both young and have a lot of potential.
When you add in the Jaguars secondary with CB's Jalen Ramsey and the aforementioned AJ Bouye, Jacksonville's defense certainly has the potential to win you games in Madden 18.

It was no secret that the Rams had a decent defense in last year's Madden 17, but it looks like they might be even better in Madden 18.
MLB Alec Ogletree has lots of speed to shut down those outside runs. The now OLB Robert Quinn helps make up a group of LB’s that are fast and can make plays for your team. Quinn is definitely a pass rushing OLB in the new 3-4 defensive scheme the Rams are reportedly shifting over to, but he has the ability to cover the flats given his speed and agility.
These are only three defenses with potential to win you games in Madden 18. You can't necessarily bet on their offenses to give you much help, so if you’re playing with any of these three teams, your defensive units will have to step up.

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