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The Ice Auto Mage Skills in Celtic Heroes

[Jun 09 2017 GMT]

Ice-Auto Mage' s ice based has an advantage because knowing that ice already has a greater cooling time, but the fire is more. This will cause a lot of damage to your spell, give you time automatically. Ice-based buildings are better for the boss and pvp.

The use of ice shards, it has an automatic build will give you dps cause great harm. Ice lure is the most important skill used by the ice mage, it will reduce the enemy's resistance to ice, making your ice attack closer to their maximum damage.Ice Attunement,use it, it will increase your borneol damage.Energy Shield,by increasing the amount of damage toimprove the survival rate.

Of course, the ice-auto Mage has other skills.I do not said one by one.More information is on where you can Buy Celtic Heroes Gold.